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Angie Russo

Italian-French actress from an early age. Angie started her career on stage and as performer for musicals, mainly for the Disney company. Throughout her professional career, she added some strings to her bow such as voice acting and dubbing (American Horror Story: Hotel - Salem - The Tyrant - The Fosters - Flack - The Eternals - Bakugan...) More later, she became stunt double, mostly for young actors ; girl and boy ( Home Sweet Home Alone, The Naughty Nine, Ant-Man and the Wasp...) Stunting on film sets, in studios for the Mocap performance, she physically and vocally embodies creatures such as zombies, vampires, Aliens... (We are zombies - Talk to me - J 412 - Barrage - Blood Dust - Run V Doll...)

Zombie / Undead / Ghoul / Vampyr, Demon, Alien, Beast, Human, Animal / Small creature / Insect, Ghost / Whisper, Robot
Actuellement / Currently : La voix de Jenny Hackett dans les séries animés: Bakugan en VF - La voix des jouets de Hasbro : Mon Petit Poney MLP ( Sunny Starscsout et Princesse Pétale ) en VF et du jouet Victor Étoile dans PJ MASKS
Récemment / Recently:
The Naughty Nine et Home sweet home alone ( Disney )
Flack ( Amazon Prime )
Transplant S3 ( CTV )
The End is Nye (Tribeca TV)
Blood and Treasure S2 (Paramount+)
We are Zombies the movie
Barrage the movie
Run the Doll the movie