What is the Monster Factory?

The Monster Factory offers unique expertise in the field of sound creation, voice acting, localization, voice direction and sound design destined for many types of virtual monsters and creatures.

Over the last eighteen years, our talent has partaken in creating and designing voices for hundreds of monsters and creatures on more than forty video game titles, films and TV series.

What is The Factory's secret weapon? Metal vocalists!

Metal vocalists have the unique ability to produce inhuman, distorted, organic sounds without having to resort to computer modification on their voices.

Their training enables them to craft all manner of guttural sounds naturally without damaging their voices. Their mastery of vocal distortion and vocal endurance is unmatched and makes them perfect for all your vocal stunt work needs. They are valuable assets in any studio environment.

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Companies involved in the video game and film industries are always striving to reach unparalleled levels of realism. The Monster Factory can deliver quality sounds produced by our artists that are unmatched. Our talent pool, which consists of women and men, offers diverse sonorities and voice textures for all of your unique projects.

Realistic results


Metal singers have the unique ability to produce unreal sonorities and
vocal textures.

Organic sounds


Organic sounds without having to resort to computer modification for all of your projects.

Professional service


Our expertise caters to all different kinds of projects, ranging from AAA games to more modest releases.

If you would like to hire any of our voice artists for your project or you would like to know more about our work?
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